The pulse – Bluesound’s new soundbar

Bluesound offers a series of high-end wireless speakers that allow you to create a great-sounding wireless multi-room system to cover every room of your home. So you can play the same music throughout the house or a different song in each room – very versatile. And of course, you control all the speakers from your phone or tablet. If you have already had a chance to listen to Bluesound speakers, you know they are quite impressive, so when we heard that Paul Barton (yes, THE Paul Barton from PSB speakers) was working with Bluesound to create a new soundbar, we hoped the result would be exceptional and could not wait its launch. The Bluesound Pulse soundbar is now available, so we tested it right away, and here is what we think.

At first glance, it is obvious that Bluesound’s goal was to simply create the best sounding bar possible for music, TV and movies: The bar looks as if Bluesound had taken two bookshelf speakers, rotated them sideways and assembled them together. And you can see right away that they are serious: Instead of the tiny drivers soundbars usually have, the Pulse has 6 large drivers. So much so that if your TV is on a TV stand, the bar will be too tall (it is 14 cm high) and will block the lower portion of the screen. So this bar should preferably be used with a wall-mounted TV or with the Bluesound’s “kickstand”.

It is often said that the purpose of a soundbar is to enhance the mediocre sound that modern TVs produce. The Pulse goes much further: The large, powerful angled drivers and Bluesound’s advanced digital sound processing work together to produce some impressive sound effects. For example, it delays certain effects and bounces the sound off your walls to create a surround sound illusion. This is adding some serious depth to your movie or even simply to a TV show. And two bass radiators make sure the low notes are deep and heavy.

And contrary to most other soundbars, the Pulse is not just about TV sound: It allows you to play wirelessly any digital music from your personal collection, or from any of the main streaming services (Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Tunein, etc) – in top notch quality. You can also play high-resolution music wirelessly, including streaming high-res MQA files from Tidal Master, for a sound closer to studio master quality with a wider sound stage than compressed music files. Either way, this bar will provide you a very clear and enjoyable, separated and layered, deep and powerful sound that will improve both your movie-watching and your music-listening experience. And to control it and all its functionalities (plus potentially, the other Bluesound speakers you add to your system), you just need the free BluOS app.

We liked the ease with which this bar works. Even the sound profile automatically flipped to the “Music” setting when we switched to a music streaming service, putting each instrument where it was meant to be and the voices at the forefront.

As expected, the Pulse’s top quality is its excellent sound that makes you think that you have several speakers around the room. It does not have the receiver-like connectivity that some other sound bars have, but its sound quality and advanced control more than make up for it. And of course, you can add other Bluesound speakers and components in other rooms of your home and control them all with the same BlueOS app.

So if you are in the market for a soundbar or simply want to hear the difference between your current bar and this one, come by the store to hear the Bluesound Pulse for yourself. The sound quality will dazzle you with the warm and incredibly precise sound that it produces for both music and movies.

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