New! JVC’s new range of D-ILA projectors

JVC recently launched its new range of D-ILA projectors, the X5900, the mid-range X7900 and the high-end X9900. The X5900 is basically an updated X5500, which itself was an updated X5000, so to be honest, when we already had very high expectations for X5900 before even seeing it. Now that we have received it, let’s see whether it disappointed or pleasantly surprised…

When taking it out of the box, there is no surprise: It sports the usual JVC attractive look and immediately feels hefty and well made. As usual, it is available in black or white, with matte finish and silver trim.

Next, it is easy and quick to set it up with its motorized lens control, along with the lens memory feature. The pixel alignment is excellent, but should you really need to, you can correct this with the Pixel Adjust function. The lens itself is of very high quality for a projector at this price point.

The remote control is sensibly laid out with buttons for selecting the inputs, lens control, lens memory and lens aperture controls, as well as buttons for selecting the picture modes and directly accessing many of the calibration and setup features. As always with JVC, the remote control is comfortable to hold, very effective, includes a backlight and is easy to use even with one hand.

Before we start watching, we have to say that the X5900’s list of features is very impressive and we were looking forward to trying them. Here are a few of them that we particularly liked. First, contrary to most competitors, JVC uses HDMI 2.0 inputs that can handle transfer rates up to 18Gbps. This means that they not only support HDCP 2.2, Wide Colour Gamut and High Dynamic Range (both HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma), but they also accept signals up to 4K60p, 4:4:4 and 12-bit!The projector uses three 6th generation 0.7” full HD (1920 x 1080) D-ILA chips and also includes JVC’s 4K e-shift5 technology, which creates a greater perceived level of resolution by shifting each pixel 0.5 pixels diagonally. This also provide a higher resolution image when receiving a 4K signal. The X5900 also includes the latest version of the Multiple Pixel Control image processor which has a new analysis algorithm capable of more accurate diagonal-detection between frames for both full HD and 4K resolution signals.

The X5900 uses a 265W high output NSH lamp, with has a brightness of up to 1,800lm. The contrast ratio is 40,000:1 and, JVC includes a user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture to deliver a dynamic contrast ratio that reaches 400,000:1. This projector also supports the Rec. 2020 wide colour gamut and High Dynamic Range (both HDR10 and HLG). And it will even automatically switch to the correct HDR picture mode when an HDR10 signal is received.

Another great feature for game console and PC users: The X5900 includes a Low Latency Mode which suppresses display delay, so it delivers a faster response. In addition, when the Low Latency Mode is active, high-bandwidth signals like 4K with 10-bit or 12-bit colour depth can be processed without compression.

Other features on the X5900 include the latest version of JVC’s Clear Motion Drive frame interpolation technology, along with the Motion Enhance feature which significantly reduces motion blur by optimizing the drive of the D-ILA panels. Additional great features include a lens memory control with five memories, which is very useful if you use a 2.35/2.40:1 screen and 143 screen adjustment modes. The Pixel Adjust function allows for precise colour deviation correction in 1/16-pixel increments and also segments the screen into 121 points for individual adjustment. And two customized settings can be stored in the memory. The X5900 includes extensive calibration controls, including a two-point white balance control; and a full-colour management system (CMS) with controls for hue, saturation and luminance. And of course, there is JVC’s very effective auto-calibration feature, along with a 6-axis colour management system and a 2-point white balance control, which optimises essential elements in the image, including colour balance, gamma characteristics, colour space and colour tracking.

Here is a twist: The X5900 still supports 4K without a native 4K panel. Instead, it uses a 1080p panel and the latest version of JVC’s own e-shift technology (the 4K e-shift5) to provide a higher resolution image with improved resolution and picture quality. It has a brightness of 1,800lm and a native contrast ratio of 40,000:1. There is a dynamic iris, a lens memory and a low latency mode for gamers.

We have to stop here: There are simply too many great features that we really enjoyed on this projector to list them all in this article.

In terms of image quality and performance, we knew that the X5900 is essentially an improved X5000, so we had great expectations but we were not disappointed: The image is very clean with great contrast, and no bright edges, corners or other aberrations. The latest version of e-shift works extremely well; it is very effective at upscaling high definition content. The result is a detailed and clean image that has plenty of perceived resolution, without appearing over-processed. The e-shift technology also allows the X5900 to accept a genuine 4K signal and then its diagonal pixel shifting provides a higher resolution image. This technology is even more impressive with Ultra HD Blu-rays.

When watching standard dynamic-range content, the X5900 immediately impresses with its detailed and highly natural image with accurate colours and bright image. For even better results, the iris control allows you to adjust the X5900’s light output to suit your screen and room, so both the blacks and the shadow details are excellent. You also have the option of using the dynamic iris to boost the contrast performance if you wish.

In addition to its technological prowess, the X5900 is very quiet. It delivers a very nice image, with details that really come alive. The same is true when streaming videos with certain scenes actually looking very impressive in SDR. With high dynamic range content, the X5900 shows clear improvements over the X5000. In particular, the greater detail (in both the darker parts and the brighter parts of the image) results in a picture that has far more impact.

With 3D format too, the X5900 also delivers a superb performance, with a stunning image, that is very detailed and full of depth.

All in all, the X5900 is another excellent projector by JVC with great performance, features and price. In addition to its impressive list of features, its design is attractive, its build quality is excellent, and the menus and remote make it very easy to set up and operate. It will definitely please even the most discerning enthusiasts, so if you are looking for a high-quality projector that delivers a stunning image at a good price, the JVC X5900 is definitely for you.

We have it in store along with the other models of the JVC range. So come by to compare them for yourself.


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