Focal Aria 948 speakers

The 948, a three-way, bass-reflex tower speaker, is the top model in Focal’s Aria 900 series. It weighs a solid 77 pounds, and definitely looks and feels very sturdy. It is at the same time beautiful and understated – very European. But what is inside and how does it deliver?

Well, we can say it from the start: The level of manufacturing precision and attention to detail throughout is visible immediately upon opening the box. For example, the 948 uses Focal’s unique Flax sandwich drivers (two 8-inch woofers and one 6 ½-inch mid/bass in a vented enclosure) and an aluminum/magnesium alloy TNF tweeter with Focal’s exclusive inverted dome. The tweeter’s new suspension system uses Poron, an open-cell polyurethane microcellular foam in order to maximize stability and minimize wear. The exclusive Flax membrane fiber in the woofers and the mid is very light and stiff, yet well-damped.

As a result of this abundance of new engineering solutions, the degree of definition and neutrality in its sound is simply stunning, particularly for a loudspeaker at this price point.

On order to obtain the most out of them, we definitely recommend making sure you buy these speakers at a store that has professional installers – attaching the stands, placing the speaker properly and will make a huge difference. Clearly, the Aria 948’s sound will satisfy any music lover right out of the box, but after proper set up, its sound is simply extraordinary and enthralling, with great detail, clarity and transparency. If you love deep bass, bright treble and well controlled mid, with any sound source (and how could you not?), this speaker is for you!

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