NEW! Focal launches the all-new Kanta speakers

New material and new design – everything in this new, unique loudspeaker is dedicated to performance. Kanta is for music lovers who are searching for a loudspeaker with exceptional, crystal clear sound in a compact design. Every detail of the design is about performance.

Hipsters will also be thrilled that Kanta is available in 8 different colours and finishes to reflect their personality and blend in perfectly with their interior. The Zamac base doesn’t go unnoticed either, with lots of character and a shape that emphasises the loudspeaker’s style. Thanks to the spikes and counter spikes, the stand provides greater overall stability.

Focal has launched many innovations with its Utopia Evo and Sopra speakers. Kanta continues this tradition with more innovations aimed at reducing distortion – the sworn enemy of music’s emotion. The speaker includes a new tweeter made out of pure Beryllium: The IAL 3 tweeter combines the principles of the IAL (Infinite Acoustic Loading) and the IHL (Infinite Horn Loading) tweeters – both improve the absorption of sound waves to reduce the resonance frequency.

For the first time, this loudspeaker combines a Flax sandwich cone driver and a Beryllium tweeter! Flax provides low mass, high rigidity and excellent damping, ensuring crystal clear and precise sound. This unique combination of Flax and Beryllium gives a sound with incredible warmth and musicality. The midrange speaker driver is equipped with another Focal technological innovation: TMD suspension (Tuned Mass Damping). All the drivers are also equipped with NIC motors (Neutral Inductance Circuit) to stabilise the magnetic field and provide perfect definition and better-controlled bass.

At first sight, you will immediately notice how Kanta breaks with design codes, with its very distinctive design. Everything in this cabinet helps generate a smooth and warm sound: The density and rigidity of the materials used for the front panel and housing, the smooth edges and the dual port.

You know the saying: Constraints create innovation. Focal’s goal was to create a compact design that would still provide deep and controlled bass. So their engineers first focused on the front panel. It is made out of a moulded monobloc high-density polymer (HDP): a material capable of higher performance than the MDF cabinets that were used until now. It is 70% denser than MDF, 15% more rigid, and damping is increased by 25%.

The speaker also includes “Focus Time”: Focal’s technology to allow the speaker drivers to be aligned, ie. all located at the same distance from the listener’s ears. The rear housing of the cabinet is made out of a single piece of moulded wood to provide even greater rigidity. Kanta also features the Power Flow technology, with two ports on the front panel and at the rear to limit any dynamic compression of the bass.

This exceptional speaker is now available for pre-orders, so come see its stunning looks and listen to its great musicality for yourself. Click Focal Kanta for more details.

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