New! A-level sound at C-level price!

A few days ago, we said that we have been selected to be an official dealer for not one but three new brands, and announced that our first new brand was by the great speaker-maker from Britain, Neat Acoustics. We are now ready to announce the 2nd one. Roll the drums… PrimaLuna! Yes, the Dutch maker of tube amplifiers and we are one of only two dealers in the GTA to have been allowed to carry this great brand.

There is a dilemma for us in the positioning though: Is it a company that makes the best tube amplifiers or is it a brand that provides the best value. Well, it is both! The beauty of this brand is that it offers you the finest tube preamps and amps for far less than any of its competitors. Is this possible? Yes, the PrimaLuna models are simply better built and sound better than models twice their price. Basically, PrimaLuna produces A-level sound but costs C-level price.

How is this possible? First, they are priced right and do not overcharge customers. This is the thing: PrimaLuna does not consider that its prices are low – it considers that it is other brands that have margins that are too padded and prices that are too high for what they include inside their products.

From our side, all we can say is that PrimaLuna’s tube amplifiers do sound amazing, their prices are incredibly low and they are extremely well built, without cutting any corner. For example, PrimaLuna uses TWO 5AR4 rectifier tubes, positions them in a true dual-mono fashion (one for each channel) and secures them entirely point-to-point wired. And they use top-quality parts like the Alps Blue Velvet volume control. Even if you are not very technical, you can still tell when holding the box because all these quality components are not light: For instance, the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium weighs a hefty 37.5 pounds!

These are indisputable facts: PrimaLuna offers world-class European engineering, the finest-brand parts, workmanship that has been called the best over and over by industry expert and prices that surprise every time.

We have these amazing amps in store now. If you like great sound and are in the market for a new amp or always fantasized about having a tube amp, you owe it to yourself to come check the PrimaLunas and to hear them in action – especially as they will cost you far less than what you were planning on spending. For more information, click PrimaLuna.


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