April 10, 2019
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Paradigm Sub 2: Now 3 Editors Choice awards in a row!

Paradigm Sub 2: Now 3 Editors Choice awards in a row!
In our mind, there is one particular characteristic sets Paradigm apart: All their speakers are designed, engineered and made right here, in the GTA.

On this note, they recently released the new Paradigm Premier series – an affordable range of 2 bookshelf speakers, 2 tower speakers and 2 centre channels that are packed with proprietary technologies that, up to now, were available only in Paradigm’s flagship Persona series of speakers. But these cutting-edge innovations like the Active Ridge Technology surrounds (which delivers up to 50% more excursion; ie. it plays louder, deeper and clearer), and the Perforated Phase Aligning lens (which eliminates out-of-phase frequencies; ie. greater sound accuracy) are now available at a much lower budget with the Premier. So we were definitely eager to try them to see how this translated when used in less bulky speakers.

Well, playing the Premier series did not disappoint: As expected, the speakers make a big performance statement – and listening to them is an experience simply unparalleled in this class.

Reviewer D. Schoeman said it best: “There’s a lot to like about the Paradigm 800F floorstanders. First and foremost, they sound musically authentic, with a large, generous and inviting sound that does everything from classic symphonies to hard rockers full justice. But there’s also ample attention to detail, and plenty of insight, ensuring that the Paradigms are able to get under the skin of the music, and to extract more than just mere notes and rhythms. Add superb composure, and a tonal range broad enough to make those low notes come alive and upper trebles to glisten with truthfulness, and you have a musically talented, wholly entertaining speaker that can stand its ground against rivals costing a lot more.”

At Kennedy Hi-Fi, we could not agree more and would even add that there is another element that surprised us: Throughout the entire range (2 bookshelves, 2 towers and 2 centres), their sound reproduction is extremely accurate. We have them set up in our store now, ready for you to listen and compare. So come by and confirm for yourself how great they are – and at this price! Truly unexpected.

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