DirectStream AirLens

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Streaming audio via Roon or other services like Qobuz, Tidal, and Spotify offers millions of titles at the touch of a finger. Unfortunately, connecting your sensitive DAC to the noise generated by computers, routers, NAS, local networks, and modems via either WiFi or Ethernet cable is not a great-sounding solution to bringing high-performance audio into your listening environment. The PS Audio AirLens™ completely eliminates the problems of noise, jitter, and EMI influences through complete galvanic isolation and perfect reclocking of the digital audio signal. You’ve not yet heard how great streaming can sound until you experience audio through the AirLens.


Whether you stream network music through Roon, Audirvana, JRiver, Tidal Direct, Spotify, your NAS, or any DLNA-compatible server, you will introduce unwanted noise into your sensitive DAC. A USB connection to the computer is by far the noisiest method, followed by a close second via Ethernet or WiFi. What is needed to completely remove this injurious noise is the elimination of any electrical connection between the computer, its network, and your DAC. The PS Audio AirLens has both an input stage and a galvanically isolated reclocking output stage. The two are connected only “through the air.” By using separate power supplies, there are no physical ground or signal connections, ensuring 100% isolation and noise-free delivery of perfect digital audio signals.


Eliminating the noisy USB to-computer connection and instead placing the PS Audio AirLens between your home network via Ethernet or WiFi will change forever the performance of streaming music. Once connected to any DAC, the AirLens interface will bring exceptional transparency, resolution, timbral realism, and wide dynamics to any D to A converter. Noise from any number of sources including your computer, long runs of Ethernet cable, EMI interference through WiFi, the system modem and router, all contribute to increased jitter and a general reduction of fidelity in the system. Connecting your DAC via its coax or I2S inputs completely removes the haze and congestion caused by these noise sources.

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