Delphi mk6 classic

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About the Delphi MkVI Classic
Since 1979, Oracle Audio has been producing state-of-the-art stereo components.
Oracle’s first turntable, the AC model, introduced new features and technologies to the analog world.
Oracle’s Delphi MkI was introduced in 1980. The new Delphi MkVI is the sixth edition of the Delphi’s line heritage.
Through the years the Delphi won numerous prestigious awards and it has been acclaimed worldwide!
The Delphi MkVI was awarded the Analog Grand Prix 2010 Gold Award from Japan, more recently Enjoy the’s Best of 2014 Blue Note Award.
To this day the Delphi is still Oracle’s flagship product and still serves as a reference in the analog community!
Using the finest components and design technologies, the Oracle Delphi MkVI is exquisite in all aspects.
Like its predecessors the Delphi MkVI is supported by three suspension pillars to efficiently control unwanted vibrations.
It harbors a massive belt-driven platter that uses a center clamp system first introduced by Oracle back in 1979.

The Delphi’s floating chassis, milled from solid billets of aluminum, is an extremely rigid and inert structure supporting the tonearm and the platter.

While the fabrication process of the Delphi is one of minute precision its development process is one of science and emotion;
to bring out all of the music’s depth and detail. Truly the Delphi MkVI is a work of art!
The Delphi MkVI was launched in late 2009 featuring our new and innovative Micro Vibration Stabilizer System which took its performance level to new heights!
Today, summer 2015, we are introducing the Delphi MkVI Second Generation.
This latest edition features a two-piece platter assembly which greatly facilitates drive belt installation while also reducing platter resonances.
Our drive electronics module was also modified and now harbors a larger power reserve which provides more torque to the motor.
Although it is offered as an option, our recently revised Turbo Power Supply MkII exceeds all our expectations!

It has a signal that is so stable it outperformed our references!
We consider the Turbo Power Supply MkII as a fundamental part of the Delphi MkVI Second Generation.
The new Delphi MkVI Second Generation provides a higher dynamic contrast than ever largely
due to its improved transient response resulting in a remarkable ability to preserve the harmonic structure of the music.

Driven by our new Turbo Power Supply MkII the Delphi MkVI Second Generation will transform your listening sessions into unforgettable lifelike experiences!

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