Evo 100 phono stage

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Product Description

The PrimaLuna EVO100 Phono Stage is a high-end component designed to bring out the best in your vinyl collection. It’s built with the highest quality components, including custom-designed transformers and gold-plated circuit boards, to deliver exceptional sound quality and reliability.

The EVO100 Phono Stage is compatible with both MM and MC cartridges, and features adjustable gain and loading settings to ensure the perfect match with your turntable setup. It also features a unique “adaptive auto-bias” system that constantly monitors and adjusts the tube bias, ensuring optimal performance and tube life.

The EVO100 Phono Stage is housed in a sleek and elegant chassis, with a front-panel display that shows input settings and signal level. It also features a remote control that allows you to adjust settings and switch between inputs without leaving your listening position.

Overall, the PrimaLuna EVO100 Phono Stage is the ultimate choice for serious vinyl enthusiasts who demand the very best in sound quality and performance. With its high-quality components, adjustable settings, and adaptive auto-bias system, it’s the perfect addition to any high-end audio system.

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