Qbase QB4 mk3 15A

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A star-earthed distribution strip with passive ground noise dissipation and with four high-quality outlets.

A high-quality distribution strip will enhance the sound of your audio system by providing a clear flow to ground for induced noise and also giving your components a tight, low-impedance current source.

The QBASE Mark III star-earth topology, which connects all outlets directly to the input, rather than in series as in most distribution boxes. The impedance level on every outlet is raised except for the deemed “Primary Earth”. Elevating the ground in this passive manner achieves three indispensable effects: it creates an uninterrupted, straight-line AC distribution path from the wall to each individual component, isolates each component by deterring the ground flow between them, and eliminates conflicting flow between signal and ground paths, all without any form of in-line filtering or active circuitry.

The QBASE Mark III chassis is a mechanically tuned, extruded aluminum body, outfitted with highly durable connectors which have been specifically engineered to maintain excellent connectivity after extended use. Internal wiring is with Nordost Mono-Filament wire. A resistance “sink” adds protection and more effectively damps eddy currents.

The QBASE Mark III impacts every component connected to it, improving each one in unique ways. The effect it has on a system is all encompassing— enhancing the 3D imaging on the soundstage, pulling out tonal richness and sustained decay time in the music, and imparting a clear increase of power while maintaining a neutral and effortless delivery of the performance.


Dimensions (WHD): 9.2″ x 2.6″ x 4.7″ (234 x 67 x 120 mm)

Weight: 3.5 lb.

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