Silver Luna PRESTIGE Evolution

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New version of the most versatile, universal amplifier within the Fezz portfolio. Improved output transformers. In standard equipped with anti-vibration feet, adapted to the weight of the device. Backlit Amplifier is supplied with an extra set of driving vacuum tubes, the 6n2p EW Vaskhod and tetrode / pentode mode switch. Easily accessible fuses protecting the amplifier in case of a power tube failure. This combination of features offers four distinct variations, four distinct sound signatures, selectable depending on the listeners individual preferences.

Finishes Available

Black Ice (Black), Big Calm (Burgundy), Burning Red (Red), Republika (White), Evergreen (Green), Moonlight (Silver), Sunlight (Beige).


Max. Output Power: 2 x 35W
Circuit Type: Push-pull AB1 Class
Output Impedance: 4Ω / 8Ω
Inputs: 3x RCA
Harmonic Distortions THD: < 0,35%
Frequency Response: 15Hz-77kHz (-3dB)
Power Consumption: 170W
AC Fuse: 8 amp / 5mm x 20mm / Slow Blow
Net Weight: 20.7 kg
Dimensions: 355 x 380 x 195 mm
Tubes: PSVane UK-EL34 x4 (power
output), PSVane 12AX7-S TII 2x &
Voskhod 6N2P EW x2 (pre-amp & drivers)
Bias Adjustment Type: Automatic
Remote Control Included

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