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The Hana features a nude Shibata stylus fitted to an aluminum cantilever. Output balance is spec’d at < 1.5dB/1kHz, recommended VTF (vertical tracking force) is 2 grams, trackability is 70µm/2gr, channel separation is rated at 28dB/1kHz while frequency response is rated at 15Hz-32kHz. The internal impedance is rated at 30ohms/1kHz with suggested loading impedance of >400 ohms. The cartridge is on the light side at 5 grams. Setting up the Hana SL was relatively easy, though because the body isn’t tapped, nuts are required to secure it to the head shell. This is made somewhat easier than usual using the stylus guard as a “platform” for the nuts. I found close to accurate both the separation and channel balance specs (measured 25dB separation, with 1.5dB balance), with the azimuth angle just slightly askew from cantilever perpendicularity. 92 degree SRA, which is critical for the shibata stylus profile was achieved with the arm very close to parallel to the record surface.

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